4 Ways to Heal Your Gut Right Now

If you have been eating a Western diet for most of your life, chances are your gut is messed up. The symptoms may cause you to believe it’s old age, and just a part of daily life. Expecting heartburn after every meal is not considered normal by any stretch of the imagination. In one of my first posts you can see if you happen to experiencing any of the symptoms related to a damaged gut. A happy flora will give you a happier gut. And with that, optimized health.

So you’re just about ready to start giving your gut the ingredients to heal and recover after years of turmoil. The process can be long, but by taking it each step at a time, you too can begin to feel the full benefits of restored gut function.

1. Bone Broth

Want to seal the gut and get rid of pesky apartment neighbors? Put your crockpot on low, dump a bunch of bones in some water, and come back to it in 24 hours. While the smells emitting from the crockpot might test your gag reflex, it is actually releasing the vital nutrients that can repair the long term damage of the gut. Intestinal permeability is linked closely to a lot of auto immune diseases. Once the tight junctions of the gut have been sealed, food proteins won’t be released into the blood stream.

Why is Bone Broth such a super food? Inside those bones are the marrow. When slow cooked, it is softened and the vitamins and minerals are released into the broth. These vitamins and minerals include calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Pair that with the amino acids glycine and proline and you have a powerhouse drink ready to reconstruct your new and improved gut.

For more research and recipes I recommend checking out this and this.

2. Eliminate Potential Allergens

The gut is stressed, and has become permeable. Those tight junctions are susceptible to trigger foods that normally don’t cause the gut any problems, but now those eggs and nuts are adding to the inflammation. That only means one thing: stop eating the trigger foods.

If your gut is all out of whack, give your gut a break from the inflammatory trigger foods for 30 days. These trigger foods include: dairy, sugar, nuts, eggs, alcohol, coffee, and grains. Tall order, I know, but depending on how vigilant you are in wanting to heal the gut, certain steps have to be taken. This doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate these foods forever, once the 30 days have passed, slowly introduce these foods back. Have a over-easy egg, and give it two days to see if you have any symptoms. Then you add another from the list. High five for gut healing!

3. Stop Stressin’

Feeling like you have zero control of your symptoms can take a toll on you. I know I felt completely helpless and lost when I was at my lowest point of my gut healing journey. Constantly thinking about how screwed up I was, put added pressure on wanting to get better. All that added stress not only didn’t help, but further stalled the process of healing the gut. Previously, I spoke about how the microbiome can effect our thoughts and vice versa. Piling on more stress will only hamper the healing, thus continuing the cycle of poor gut health.

Accept the place that your are at right now presently. Know that you will be undergoing the healing process, and don’t get discouraged by lack of results. This process takes time and patience. Practicing mindfulness during this turbulent period will give the gut the needed break from the onslaught stress inside and outside our own body.

4. Sleep

What adds to the stress on the human body? Lack of sleep. Most of us think of it as a burden, but it is one an absolute necessary to have optimal health. Sleep restores our minds and give the body the time needed to repair itself after the daily rigors of everyday. Thinking you can operate on less than 6 hours of sleep is detrimental to health and damaging to all parts of our body. Getting more than 7 hours of sleep is essential to the healing process. Don’t add to the problem of added stress to the gut, get some quality shut eye. Bring a book to bed, instead of your tablet, and steer clear of all blue light. Two things you can’t skimp on: restorative sleep and quality food.

Have you been able to heal your gut by using these same actions? What other methods have given you fast results?