IMG_0513Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the site, my name is Matt. 

Always wanting to improve my health, I experimented with a trend diet to hoping to enhance brain health.

This diet along with a course of unnecessary antibiotics due to a minor cut, destroyed my gut. Normal SAD meals could no longer be tolerated. My BM’s were schizophrenic, my face was breaking out, brain fog was rolling in and rarely clearing, and pains crawling up and down my legs. This left me asking what could I have done wrong?! I followed the diet to the Tee and I’m battling issues that I needlessly brought upon myself.

The flora was annihilated. Pathogens had a golden opportunity to sweep in and call my gut their new home. And they did. I knew nothing of a flora, microbiome, gut bugs, probiotics, until my life depended on it. I had to find out what went wrong and how to get back to my old healthy self. Modern medicine would have put me on antibiotics or pain killers. I knew this wasn’t the right approach. Wanting a more holistic approach, a slew of research was needed. Our bodies are very resilient, and by attacking the problem head on, I would be able to take back my health.

Thousands of hours reading, experimenting, researching, I have nearly fully recovered from my mistake. On this site, I will talk about my road to recovery, the tips and tricks on how to recover your lost flora, and why the flora is so important to your life.