Gut Guardian Podcast: Episode 02 – Getting Down with Inulin

In this episode, Grace and Matt talk about Inulin. With all the buzz around Resistant Starch, not much love is being thrown around about Inulin. By the end of this episode you’ll learn about inulin, why we can become intolerant to it, and why it’s key for feeding the right strains in our gut. Inulin proves to be key for maintaining and keeping a good flora!

Also, the static is still lingering in this episode, but issue has been resolved for future episodes. Please comment or post up reviews on iTunes, we’d really appreciate it!

Enjoy the episode!

  • Taylor

    Great episode!

    Just to give a quick summary, I have had issues with dairy ever sense my graduation from college (5 years ago). As a child, I never had this issue but today dairy and heavy coconut fats will set me off (gut wrenching pain, stuck in the bathroom for an hour, exhausted for a day or two after, and other symptoms similar to colitis). My old regiment consisted of taking (1) Health Force – Friendly Force probiotic (25 billion per cap) daily and cutting out dairy and coconut milk from my diet. This has helped immensely but I have noticed that my gut is still not at the level I would like it to be. Ever since introducing (1) MegaFlora cap (20 billion) per day made by MegaFoods, I have noticed an encouraging change in my gut and I think this is due to the bifido content, apparently my Health Force probiotic only focuses on lacto. While the MegaFlora is doing a good job, I still feel like my gut is not healed. The reason I say this is because when I eat out or have a little to drink, my gut reacts, nothing like a full blown attack but it is still uncomfortable and concerns me.

    Do you think this is because the MegaFlora caps are not making it to my gut, mostly being destroyed in the acids of the stomach? Would you recommend an enteric coated pill such as Renew Life – Ultimate Flora? Do you have any hesitations with pills that are enteric coated (I like to be as natural as possible)? Do you think a comprehensive flora test/screening would be beneficial?

  • Thank you for sharing your story Taylor. You are certainly not alone, as many of us have gone through these same sort of struggles. As much as I would like to keep my pills as natural as possible, I think the enteric coated pills are necessary to get the full benefit of these capsules making it through our stomach acids. I think a bigger concern is to make sure the probiotics that we are taking are Non-GMO.

    Testing is the best way to figure out what exactly is going on. Be sure to check my latest post . I explain which type of testing is best to get the clearest picture of what is happening in our “black box.”

  • John Roe

    Too bad, as a non native english speaker I don’t understand well what dr. Grace says from 16:02, I can’t digest any starches or fibers since 2 years and have a lot of issues and hope that I will be able to digest them again…

    • Regarding the issues with digesting starch, she was talking about the starch eating, beneficial bacteria Roseburia. There is no probiotic out there on the market that has this in their products. She suggests they might be living on some of our healthy starch foods. Hope that helps!