Gut Guardian Podcast: Episode 04 – The Ultimate Gut Guardian: Bifidobacteria

SBO’s are usually the key probiotics for those experiencing gut troubles. Matt on the other hand, wants to share how Bifido played a key role in his recovery. Grace explains why it was the missing link in his recovery. Bifido wasn’t just helpful for Matt, but as Grace explains, it is truly one of our bodies biggest gut guardians. Oh and they LOVE CARBS. You’ll find out all about the wonders Bifido provides for our guts in this episode. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

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  • Marielle

    I have done 3 uBiome samples already. I have a boatload of Blautia and Faecalibacterium (hopefully, its mostly F.Prauznitzii!), and a decent amount of Roseburia (6.68%). I have only a trace amount of Lactobaccillus and Bifido has not even show up on any of my uBiome tests. When I did a Genova Diagnostics GI Effects test last spring, Lactobaccillus didn’t even culture and a very small amount of Bifidobacteria grew from the sample. So I know I have Bifido somewhere!
    BTW, I am transitioning away from a high fater, Paleo-style diet and maybe more toward the PHD. I want to get my bidido back! I added a Garden of Life prebiotic fiber mix and also a little bit of plantain flour. After my next uBiome sample, I’m going to add a Klaire Labs probiotic that has only Bifidobacteria.

    • Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have yourself a good foundation. I know Grace talks about alot of people who don’t even have signs of Bifido growing, so you’re way ahead of the game.

      I know for me, I’m more PHD myself as well.

      I picked up some BB-536 off Amazon and I hear Klaire is great too for Bifido. Grace will be having her own formulated Bifido mix too that you will be able to purchase soon (

      • Marielle

        Thanks for your reply! It’s kind of a puzzle what might help or hurt one’s gut bacteria. I’m trying like crazy to get inulin in me. But if I had Dr. Grace’s 1 TBS as per her bionic blend, I would blow up like the stay-puf marshmallow man if I had a TBS of inulin! I’ll see how the Klaire Labs probiotic works and then I’ll have to see how Grace’s bifido blend works as well. I’ll keep you posted on what seems to work. I’m not doing potato starch, btw, but have been doing a TBS of Barry’s plantain flour.
        Also, I understand that Paul Jaminet’s PHD book in Kindle version is on sale for $2.99 Tuesday 11/24 only.