Gut Guardian Podcast: Episode 07 – Cracking Down on Candida

The yeast conversation continues as Matt asks Dr. Grace just how much truth is there to the candida epidemic. The symptoms are everywhere, but there is a bunch of skepticism along side the diagnosis of candida. Dr. Grace and Matt discuss how certain metals in the body can be detrimental in its harboring of candida. And for those who are having problems with candida, Dr. Grace offers her own experience and the methods she used to rid her problems. There is even more to be discussed on future episodes. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Candida Resource containing information + botanicals 

Dr. Grace’s N=1 Blog Post


  • Alex

    Matt/Grace, do you have a preferred method for chelating heavy metals?? I have been taking Zeolite and it seems to be working well. I’m just wondering if you can be more specific on how Dr. Grace got rid of her heavy metal load. Thanks!