Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 13 – Flora Disruptors w John Brisson’s John Brisson joins Matt and Dr. Grace on the GG podcast. In part 2 of the 3 part series, John and Grace talks about certain strains that are both detrimental and beneficial for proper gut function. Enjoy!


Show Notes:

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  • jackson c

    Great podcast.

    But please, PLEASE! Grace eats her words, sometimes talks too quickly, and she needs to use *dynamic compression* to keep the volume of her voice in the podcast relatively constant. I use good quality noise-blocking earphones, drive a very quiet car, and have good hearing, but I constantly have to rewind and adjust the volume up and down and up and down to catch what Grace is saying. Did I mention she should use dynamic compression on her mic? She likes to alternate talking softly then loudly; it will help big time.


    • Hey Jackson, thanks for the tips! I got some advice from another listener to try and alleviate these nuances. Hoping that the next few casts will clear these issues up. Thanks for listening!