Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 23 – Reshaping the Gut w/ Super Athlete Elijah Markstrom

On this episode of the Gut Guardians Podcast, Elijah Markstrom comes onto the show. You might have seen him on Grace’s blog, The Gut Institute, as he was one of the case studies to implement Grace’s 7-Steps. Elijah is super athlete who enjoys running marathons, obstacle course races, and other high performance activities. Elijah found that his gut was not in the best of shape, and sought out Grace to get it back into working order. After a few weeks, Elijah noticed significant changes to his gut health along side of unexpected positive results. This episode covers his case study N=1 and how he benefited from the 7-Steps. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Elijah’s Website

Elijah’s posts on his case study here and here

Grace’s 7-Steps

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Grace’s take from The Gut Institute “Case Study A”