Microbial Diversity Through Movement

Sitting is the new smoking. At least that is what the science is saying. When you think about it, we humans have been on our feet, squatting, running, or climbing for thousands of years. Only recently have we become accustom to the soft cushy feeling of a sofa or a rolling chair.

Descending Mt. Belford. My favorite way to move: hiking!

Most of us are on our asses for over 10 hours a day. I am no different. Staring at a computer screen hours on end, I can just be glued to that thing and forget to get into motion. I believe Newton said it best “an object that stays in motion, remains in motion.” Same goes for an object that stays at rest.

It might be beating a dead horse, but exercise does more than just make us lose weight or release endorphins. It stimulates our gut microbiome.

Exercise promotes microbial diversity.

Taken from Medical Daily 

“Our findings indicate that exercise is another important factor in the relationship between the microbiota, host immunity and host metabolism, with diet playing an important role…

And if there is a common theme around here at Restore the Flora and on the Gut Guardians Podcast, it’s microbial diversity. Without it, we can expect ourselves to be in a world of hurt. This is the exact reason why antibiotics are so harmful. They destroy diversity.

Looking for ways to grow a diverse microbiome is vital in harboring optimal health.

Eating whole foods + movement =  SUPER DIVERSITY.

Being armed with Simple Foods 2.0 (next month) gives you the foods to promote diversity, and now the following tips with give you the second piece of the always complex puzzle.


I’m not one for gyms. Getting out in nature is more of my style. Not to mention it’s free and refreshing, and you might even pick up some ancestral microbes along the way. Here are a few of my favorite activities that can be done just about anywhere to promote movement

Get Outside

Grab yourself a bike (and helmet) and start exploring your town and city

Head out to a local park and take a walk or run (even if its just for a mile)

Live next to a forest or open outdoors? Take a hike! I use SummitPost.com and Alltrails.com for all my hikes.

While doing this alone is fine, having awesome fun people to join in on your adventures makes it even better. Use Meetup and Gociety to meet new friends and active people in the outdoors!

Throughout the Work Day

For those of us who sit during work here are few of the things I do to get around and about. I’m looking out for my microbiome 😉

On those bathroom breaks, go to one that is a few floors above or below you. This gets you away from the screen and in motion just a little bit longer.

Stretch! Every hour, get out of the chair and outstretch to the sky, elongating the body. A backbend here and there is never a bad thing!

Lunch time is a perfect time to get a quick walk around the building even around the block. Walking after eating is actually beneficial for digestion too

At Home

Pick up a pull up bar to throw in your door way. If you cant do a pull up yet, just set a chair underneath to assist you. Every time you walk by it pump out a few or 10.

Body weight exercises: wall squats, pushups, burpees

Mark Sisson has a neat Prison Workout you can do at home.


Your now armed with a starter kit to give you the motion needed to jump start your body and microbiome. Start building that diversity.

Well what are you waiting for, get moving!