Pooches Probiotic Effect

Need another reason to snuggle up with this guy over here? Look at that face!

I’m just getting some SBO’s Dad!

Take a closer look. I mean, let’s go microscopic.

 You’d be surprised to find out that dogs aren’t just a source of protection from thieves. The dust they produce actually helps protect us from future allergic reactions!

But wait, I thought dust is the cause of allergic reactions. This is why I’m sneezing whenever Snoopy pounces on my lap.

Just like our skin, our pets carry microbes along with them. Growing up with dogs at a young age introduces a particular strain of bacteria to the gut micro biome. Developing a diverse micro biome is key for proper immune function. Allergies are just your body’s way of letting you know that you have a compromised immune system which is triggering a low-level auto immune response.

In the study that had mice in two different environments, one exposed to an inside outside dog dust particles and another not exposed to any dogs particles.  After looking at the mice who were exposed to the dog dust, their mucus formation was much smaller than those not exposed to the dog dust. Seems counter intuitive, but the reason behind the lack of mucus secretion lies with the type of bacteria bei exposed to the microbiome. Scientist were actually able to pin point the strain of bacteria responsible for limiting the usually negative effects of dust. Lactobacillus johnsonii “proteted them [mice] against both airway allergen challenge or infection with respiratory syncytial virus.”

These results aren’t just in mice, but there has been correlation with infants having fewer allergies later on in life when exposed to household pets at such an early age.

Why lactobacillus Johnsonii helps?

… L. johnsonii resides in the upper GI tract, which is rich in amino acids and peptides.

L. johnsonii are able to produce bacteriocins which have antibacterial properties that lactic acid bacteria can use against other microorganisms, thus providing them with ways to survive in their ecosystem.

Basically L. johnsonii squeezes out other pathogens and take home in our guts. A balanced amount of L. Johnsonii inhabiting our microbiome, the less chance of pathogens invading and taking root.

Even this study here determined through a double blind study that L. Johnsonii helped improve intestinal flora. Results showed increased Bifido. and Lactobacillus in feces, and increased defecation frequency.

Can we just take L. Johnsonii probiotics?

This was the exact question I was thinking. Could this be the end all be all cure for allergies?! Since not all of us have had the privilege of growing up with dogs, we need some sort of help.

Before you start throwing away your Claritin prescriptions and adopting dogs at a local shelter, it’s just not that easy.

By eating a balanced, whole, organic foods, you are introducing natural soil bacteria unharmed from pesticides. Match that with supplementation of Bifido probiotics/SBO’s, you are giving yourself a chance to introduce and welcome with open arms the L. Johnsonii to your biome. Soon enough, those doggy sniffles will be few and far between, and you’ll be nose deep in their fur.

Yup, like you needed another reason to love dogs.

Halloween 2013. Me and my buddy Bentley
Halloween 2013. Me and my buddy Bentley