Gut Guardian Podcast: Episode 03 – Redefining Human w/ Jamie Binns

Jamie Binns makes the 40 minute drive down to Denver to talk to Dr. Grace and Matt about Root House Studio’s newest project: Redefining Human. What better way to check out what’s going on in the gut than by looking at amazing educational videos. Thats what Root House is trying to do. But they need our help! By donating to their Kickstarter, we can help spread the word WORLDWIDE on the results being discovered via the American Gut Project. This episode is jam packed with fun information about their upcoming project. Enjoy!


Show Notes

Kickstarter Page

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American Gut Project

Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome Course Provided by CourseRA from our friends from CU Boulder


  • Joe L

    Another great podcast Matt, and what a fascinating project from Root House Studio. Keep up the good work!

    • Matt Pepin

      Thanks a bunch Joe! Glad to see that the comments are in working order now 😛

  • Taylor

    Fascinating stuff. I know there are some resources available but it would be nice to have a comprehensive breakdown of what probiotics (all known strains) are helpful for specific diseases and allergies/intolerances. This type of chart or resource will probably be available with further testing of the general public.

    Quesiton: In the case of food sensitivities, especially ones that are developed later on in life, we know that probiotics and fermented food can be extremely helpful. My question is, once you have starved out your healthy bacteria/flora (from bad habits or antibiotics), can you bounce back after equalizing your system or will you always need a probiotic regiment in order to process these certain offending foods? In my experience, it feels like I will always need probiotics in order to eat freely.

    I am also very interested in the scientific breakdown of Kombucha. To my understanding, there are beneficial enzymes, yeast, and bacteria. The problem is, I have never been able to nail down precise probiotic strains. Some companies claim their product contains S. boulardii and Lactobacillus but I would like a little more transparency with what the typical SCOBY can produce in terms of probiotics and enzymes.

  • Taylor, your proposal of these gut tools would be extremely beneficial to the gut community. Be sure to check here soon as I am currently in the process of creating that chart you suggested.

    The end goal is “restore the flora” where the need for a pill will no longer exist. Meanwhile, eating fermented foods should always be apart of a normal persons diet. For those of us relying on probiotics to eat some of the questionable foods in our diet haven’t fully recovered. As Dr. Grace has mentioned, weed, seed, FEED. Feeding will create the healthy ecosystem for our flora to survive and constantly be in harmony with one another.

    As for the Kombucha, take a look at this site:

    I’m guessing each SCOBY is unique depending on the environment, but there are major players that a normal SCOBY should have. I agree, there needs to be a clearer message on what exactly their SCOBY is creating.