The Art of Keeping Good Flora

Welp, it was bound to happen. Every so often there are minor setbacks.

The flora, or the human microbiome in our gut is an ever evolving masterpiece consistently shifting and morphing with every hunk of food that we swallow down our throat. There is a reason when you over consume beer and fried foods your mornings will look a hell of a lot different than those days you choose healthier options. But then something amazing happens, our flora can rebound to the smooth machine that we come to know and love once given the proper food. Just like getting a scratch on your arm, our bodies have amazing ability to heal. Same can be said about our flora.

Over the past few months, my flora was a well oiled machine. Looks like I have successfully kept my promise to my gut.

No need for probiotic supplementation. I kept to the 80/20 rule of eating Simple Foods + Simple Foods 2.0. Microbial friendly foods + whole foods mixed with eating out maybe once or twice. I was back to the gut of my 20 year old self!

I healed my gut, I was gaining muscle mass, I was enjoying pints of delicious IPA’s. Life was good.

But out of nowhere, there was a disruption in the flora. My digestion went to complete shit. The previous symptoms had come back giving me signs there might have been overgrowth. Now that I’m a self proclaimed “Gut Guardian“, I knew the process that had to be done to shift the gut flora back to the one that put a smile on my face each and every day.

Waiting a few days to see if my body could kick the pesky overgrowth, I had to take other measures.

I went back to my trusty ole probiotics to bring me back to normal. Enter in, Prescript Assist + ReNew Life + Bifido 7736, exit bad flora. The flora has been restored!

Just like yoga, meditation, or any other daily practice, keeping a good flora is daily habit. There are days when you can’t stretch as far, climb as hard, or bike as long. Even when eating all my microbial friendly foods, there can always be an opportunistic microbe that wishes to crash the party. No need to be discouraged, its just part of the microbial balance dance. The good news is, we have the power to bring the gut flora back to status quo.

Keeping to a consistent diet that my flora can handle, gives my microbial community the best opportunity to survive and produce the nutrients that I need to handle all my toughest outdoor activities.

Knowing that I can bounce back this quickly gives me belief my gut is is good working order. Have you had minor set backs? How have you dealt with these slight hiccups?

Also, don’t forget to check out Simple Foods for type of foods I chow down each day!