Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 09 – Fiber Diversity w/ Dr. Tim Gerstmar

The conversation continues on the Gut Guardian Podcast with Dr. Tim Gerstmar. He gives both Dr. Grace and Matt a look inside of his “secret” jars. Well, looks like they aren’t going to be much of a secret after listening to this podcast! Inside the jars are Dr. Gerstmar’s special blend of fibers which range from FOS to glucomannan. Get your mason jars ready! Dr. Tim and Dr. Grace go back to the discussion on the mismatch between the modern human and the environments surrounding in and around us. And be sure to listen to the end, where Dr. Tim sums up what all of us should do to lead a happy, healthy life. Enjoy!

 Show Notes

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  • Austin_Ed

    Hi Matt and Grace,

    I’m really curious about any simple diagnostic techniques for food intolerance (if there is any).

    My example: green bananas and magnesium supplements have me running to the bathroom. What does that mean?

  • Ana

    Hi Matt, thanks for your podcasts, I’ve only just discovered yours and Grace’s websites and it’s been mind blowing! I’m slowly trying to digest (pardon the pun) and educate myself on all the knowledge you guys are providing (thank you so much) as it can be overwhelming!

    I have a very similar story to you Matt, with doing low carb for so long, this whole fiber and RS thing is really striking chords with me, it just makes sense!

    The subject of this podcast was particularly interesting for me as fiber diversity is something that seems will be another piece of the puzzle in the reassembling of my gut health. I did, however, find it a liittle overwhelming when Grace and Tim were throwing all these different fibers up in the air…I want so much to be able to achieve the diversity as Dr. Tim describes in his “jars” – but have no idea what half (if not all) those things are that he and Grace were mentioning!

    …I was thinking, that maybe it would be a good subject for an article, or even a podcast, explaining this “fiber lingo” and laying out details of where one can find these things, how to incorporate them, and any guidelines or cautions one should take…something along those lines, that a lay person could comprehend?

    Some recipes would make it even more fantastic!

    Lastly, if one were currently getting treated for SIBO, and following a low fodmap diet, do you think that adding these exotic sounding fibers will do more harm than good?

    Thanks a lot for your time!
    Ana from Australia 🙂

    • Ana thanks for listening, I’m glad we can be a helpful resource in your gut microbiome education!

      Those suggestions are great! I’m actually writing up Simple Foods 2.0 which will include the prebiotics and fibers discussed in this podcast. Be on the look-out for it next month.

      SIBO is tricky business, as I couldn’t tolerate prebiotics while I was experiencing its symptoms. Some of the overgrowths can use it as their fodder. Taking a break from prebiotics for 2-4 weeks then reintroducing can be a safe approach. I’d say start slow, 1/4 TSP of a particular prebiotic/fiber, and see how you will react to it.

      Let us know how you make out!

      • Ana

        Thanks Matt!

        Simple foods 2.0 sounds wonderful! Just what I need! I’ll be anticipating its release for sure 🙂

        Thanks for the advice on SIBO, I’ll stick with the low fodmaps for now and proceed with caution with the prebitocs.

        Keep up the great work here at restore the flora 🙂

        • Ana

          Oh…and forgot to mention, In one of your podcast I heard you mention “HeartMath”. I’ve since googled it, and read up about it…it’s sounds like something I’m in desperate need of! If I had not been tuning into your podcast, I would never have come across it!

          Funny how things come to you like that! So thanks for mentioning it!

          • You’re welcome! Yeah, I like playing around with Coherence levels here and there. You can definitely reach some crazy zen states for a few moments. Between those and float tanks, you can get some heavy meditation in. Let me know if you end up giving it a try!

  • Noel

    Hi Matt,

    I am curious if Dr. Tim would mind sharing his jar fiber composition. Although he mentioned that it keeps changing, I will really appreciate a rough composition.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Josh Finlay