Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 22 – Explaining the Diet Myth w/ Professor Tim Spector

On this episode the Gut Guardians Podcast had the pleasure to have Professor Tim Spector join the show. Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London and Director of the TwinsUK Registry, brings his expertise in genetics to the microbiome field. He discusses various topics from his new book, The Diet Myth with Grace and Matt. In this episode they touch on epigenetics, how different bacteria are good or bad depending on each individual, and how microbial diversity means better overall health. Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Tim Spector’s Website

The Diet Myth


Identically Different TedTalk

Cleverly Connected TedxTalk

Zhao Liping’s research on obese subjects showed that by reducing opportunistic pathogens such as Enterobacteriaceae and increasing the protective beneficial flora such as Faecalibacterium prausnitzii on an oligosaccharide rich legume and (gluten free) whole grain, low calorie Chinese traditional medicine diet, obesity and insulin resistance decreased significantly. On the special oligosaccharide rich diet, the morbidly obese subject not only eliminated E cloacae from detectable levels in fecal samples, but also lost over 100 lbs.

One morbidly obese subject’s gut microbiota contained high abundance of a particular toxic commensal known as Enterobacterer cloacae strain B29.   When the strain was transplanted into experimental germ-free mice, and obesity and insulin resistance developed. Bacterial endotoxins (LPS) were detected in the blood but not in controls.




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